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X posted to darkvictoria Apr. 4th, 2005 @ 12:34 am
I live in a town I'm not all that fond of, but our pride and joy is really quite fantastic. It occored to me that you guys here might like these photographs.

The Davenport Restraunt was built at the end of the last century. In 1913, The Davenport Hotel was built jointly. It was one of the the biggest and most luxorious hotel in the era in this part of the country. Presidents and Charles Lindburg stayed there. During the depression they were no logner able to outfit her so splendidly, and was, for decades, just another struggling, decaying hotel.

It was closed in the late '80's. They were going to tear it down, but eventually from '95 to '00 it underwent a full restoration.

Most of it is original.

The small parts that aren't have been restored.

Here are some vintage and modern pictures of The Davenport.

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Peace Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 12:15 pm
The Pope finally passed.

I wish him peace.

I disagreed with him on a lot of things but he was an intellegent person and a spiritual leader.

I hope he's at rest now. I've no doubt he is.

hellfire Apr. 2nd, 2005 @ 02:52 pm
So, the pope is on his last legs, and St. Peter's square is brimming with silent supporters preparing themselves to mourn the father of the Catholic church. Amidst all this, I have friends taking bets on the day and hour of his death. It's hard not to be irreverent about him sometimes, despite his faith and intelligence.

My personal view is that even if the pope had not fallen ill, he should have been preparing to step down anyway, as his Parkinson's disease was making it increasingly difficult for him to perform his duties, even when they were only basic functions such as delivering speeches and appearing in public.

Now we're starting to hear about the selection process for the next pope, the process of the conclave, where the cardinals are locked inside the Sistine Chapel to debate which one of them should be elevated. It seems on the surface to be so elegant, with a precedent of hundreds of years to draw on. However, none of us can know what will really be spoken about inside the Chapel. My guess is that it won't all be holiness and light and who is the closest to Christ. My guess is that there will be a lot of political wrangling. Should we have a black pope? Which country should get to give a pope next? Who will beatify the most people? Who will give the church the best face? Who will win the most supporters and therefore the most money?

No news source that I've seen has yet begun to speak about Vatican politics. Someone here must have an opinion. Should our next pope really be chosen by a bunch of men so far removed from normal life that we can't even begin to imagine their purpose? What merits should a pope have? Looking back, the world has seen some very deplorable popes. How do we know that won't happen again?

Just a bit of food for thought, as this group seems to be waking up with the spring thaw...

For those who disagree Mar. 31st, 2005 @ 02:19 pm
You are all welcome to disagree with me.

Part of the hellfire clubs was a safe place outside of society to go on rants about society.

If you have a different opinion than me, go ahead. Rant about it. I don't care if people disagree with me. I welcome healthy debate.

This is not my pulpit, it's just that no one else is posting ANYTHING.

If you want to post a different opinion. Go for it.

Please post.


If you don't think this group should be about politics, but should be about Byron and Shelly's works, post about Byron and Shelly.

If you don't like the discussions in this group, I am sorry. I apologize if I worded my opinions in a way that offended people, but one of the original reasons for the hellfire clubs was to have a place to talk where you didn't have to worry about that kind of thing.

But, if you don't like talking about it, please, start a discussion about something else. If you want to see different viewpoints represented here. Please be my guest and post them yourself. I welcome it. If you get to know me you'll find that, while I am opinionated and state my opinions very harshly and forcefully sometimes, I will always listen to the other side of the coin. I'm not closed minded or intolerant of other opinions in the least as long as they're not flames.

One more post on the subject Mar. 31st, 2005 @ 08:47 am
On the Today Show this morning, the death of Terri Shivo is the "big story."

Their "Smaller" story was that the president was proven "Dead Wrong" on his WMD "intellgence problems" (Read as: CAUGHT RED HANDED LYING OUT THIER ASSES) and that's secondary.

Also, the president is making a statement on the former, not the latter.

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» Shivo media coverage
This is getting twisted.

1. The media is only talking to the pro-suffering keeping Terri alive people.

2. They're being self richous bastards. "They killed her! Those murderers!"

3. Now they're fighting about who got to be in the room when she died.

4. They're now fighting about where they are going to burry her.

I genuinely dislike ALL of these people.
» Take a moment...
Terry Shrivo finally passed away this morning.

The protesters and "Spiritual advisers" are on tv this morning being vicious.

I want to protest and hold a big sign as well saying:

Terri is at peace: NO THANKS TO YOU!
» I thought this might interest some people here

For those who remember.


» Just My Opinion: Others Welcome
X posted to a few places:

I believe in a living will.

I believe in legally appointing someone to speak for you when you cannot and communicating thier wishes to them and having someone tell them when to let you go.

I believe in death with dignity.

I do not believe in trapping someone in a failing body that you've become attatched to insted of letting them go on to a better place.

Mr. and Mrs. Schiavo, I feel your pain and sympathize. Loosing your child is one of the hardest things in the world. No one should have to burry thier son or daughter and I don't blame you for wanting to hold on. But you've dragged your pain and her's out enough. It's time to let your daughter go in peace. This is demeaning to her and you, and you're only increcing your suffering and her's.

Let it rest.

Let her rest.

It's time.
» What are they going to do?
I'm studying to be a teacher. I'm in college trying to get my teaching certification in English and Drama. I already have a degree in theatre and am just finishing up with English and Ed classes.

So, the other day in my ed class some students had to get up and teach a lesson in thier subject area.

Two health students decided on sex ed and to teach the class about STD's.

Fine. What's wrong with that.

Now, these were seniors in college, many of the returning students in their thirties.


When asked to list the symptoms of a ceritan disease or the way it's spread... they sat there blushing going "Do I really have to write the word... you know... *whisper* Penis?" and were offended when the words "Anal sex" were written on the board.

As adults, can't we have a mature discussion on sex and how STD's are spread without freaking out?

And these people will be in charge of our CHILDREN and TEACHING them!

Oh god... just kill me.
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