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first posting and feelings on a recent bill

To everyone who voted for/supports Bush, fuck you, especially if you live in Louisiana. Today a new bill was passed that will allow duty free/reduced priced shipping of sugar from South American/Latin American countries. Due to this, major corporations will be importing goods from these places versus purchasing them from the United States, specifically Louisiana. Considering that this state's main revenue is sugar and taxes on the perky plant, our economy will decline, our schools will suffer, and our people will lose their jobs. Also with the lack of funds, our farmers won't be able to afford the cost of improving technology to make sugar production faster and cheaper in the states.

He may support families, but it sure as hell isn't in the pocket books.

To read further on CAFTA:
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I is for Ida

Double Dalk

I'm following the Jim West scandal.

1. If he did what he is being accused of, then he is a dirty bastard, yes.

2. However, he has NOT received due process. Everyone in Spokane (Yes, I do live in Spokane, in fact.) knows that the Spokesman Review is a rag. No one has given him the benefit of the doubt on this. It's practically illegal.

3. I believe that were he straight and this scandal had involved young women and not young men, this would not be the crisis it has become.

4. Self-loathing pisses me off. However, I think it's tragic. Some people have been lead to believe so much that gays are immoral, that if they discover that they are gay that they do not feel obligated to behave in a moral way. This is sad.

5. The Today Show interview: Paraphrase, not exact quote on the subject of being gay and voting against gay rights bills: I was hired to vote the way my colleges wanted me to. If you hire someone to paint your house blue but they think it should be red, what color should they paint your house?

Two seconds later:

I am not a closet liberal pretending to be a conservative. Gay people can be conservative. Black people can be conservative.

Huh... Blink.... didn't he basically just say "Don't blame me, I was just following orders. Of course... I did agree with those orders."

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Brief Rant

I'm tired of being called "the secular left" just because I support the separation of Church and State. I'm tired of being considered irreligious just because I support homosexual rights, am pro-choice and think that the theory of evolution should be taught in schools. I'm a Pagan, and my religion as well as my commitment to social justice is very important to me. And, in case these jackasses don't realize it, there are millions like me. There are millions of religious people of all faiths Christians, Jews, Pagans and countless others who support these same things. I have a faith, and I don't want my faith or anyone else's imposed on this country.

Then of course there's the fact that there are millions of "secular" and "irreligious" people in America and the rest of the world who live more socially responsible and caring lives than their religious counterparts. Religious people don't have the monopoly on compassion, justice or moral values.

More than anything I'm tired of this debate being framed within the context of religion. The people that put together "Justice Sunday" a gathering to urge the senate to throw out the filibuster for judicial nominees (so that Democrats can't use the constitutionally granted apparatus to oppose the confirmation of some of Bush's judges) aren't the defenders of the faith, they're the defenders of discriminatory policy.
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Christians VS Gays

Feel free to flame my bitching about the crappyness of Christianity and how denominational it is towards everything they think is distasteful. Also feel free to flame because of my distateful use of language. Anyway, any homophobic responses and I'll set the GBIS on y'all :D

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irrational hate?

I am so over American Idol. I had to walk away -- because I would rather do my homework than listen to stupid Paula and stupid Randy. Also, Ryan makes me want to stab somebody in the eye. In addition, all of the contestants are ugly and talentless. Oh, and did I mention... the show is too long and too noisy and it makes me want to put a car bomb in the next Ford I see. This show is everything that makes people hate us. This show would make Mr. Rogers put on a beret and start machine-gunning pedestrians. This show makes me hate America. And Coca-cola. And the telephone.