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The Hellfire Club

Eat, Drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we may die

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Does the life of a spoilt Regency or Victorian era noble get you down?

Are you tired of wife or husband hunting?

Do you want to drink, play cards, write poems and sing songs, but your family doesn’t think it proper?

Does conforming to suppressive social 18th century norms get you down?

Welcome to the Hellfire Club for the slumming upper class!

All kidding aside, this is a club set up for poets, writers, artists, self-expressers and free thinkers to indulge themselves away from prudent prying eyes. In more conservative times, namely in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, Hellfire Clubs provided a refuge from repressive social norms. This is what this group is, a refuge, a place to play, a place to bitch and rant and escape from the everyday world that is really starting to piss you off.

Post your writings.

Go on a rant.

Sing a dirty song.

Scan a drawing and post it here.

Trash a beloved figure.

Be profane.

Break the norm.

Say what you’ve been afraid to say.

Though originally linked to blasphemy and Satanism, (Not forbidden, but not the point of the group either)the spirit of the Hellfire Club was one of social rebellion, escape, and a safe place to be yourself without fear of censure and a healthy disregard for social conventions. That is the spirit of this Hellfire club.

This being true, I don’t REALLY want to impose rules, but here are a few basic ones:

1. This is a safe place to express ideas that people might not be able to otherwise express without fear of censure. This being true, please do not scold people for what they post here. If you disagree with a post, you may say so in a civil manor. But please, keep in mind that if you want the liberty to say things that might offend people, you have to tolerate the fact that other people might say things that will offend you. Deal with it. Debates and discussions are allowed, but flame wars will be quickly quelled.

2. If I find out that you followed a group member to their private journal and harassed them there about something they said here, I will remove you from this group.

3. Please use basic LJ curtsey. You all know how to use an LJ cut, and if you don’t it’s not hard to find out. Let’s keep this page loadable, shall we?

4. I do not impose any rules against badly spelt posts and grammar errors. By all means, don’t even give it a second thought, I usually don’t. However, if people cannot read your post because you’ve typed 1,000 words without any capitalization or punctuation, or your entire posts reads something akin to “how R U 2-day QT-Pie!!!!111” we WILL have words with you.

5. Advertisements for communities may only be posted only on approval. If you have a community you think we would like, please let me know about it first and I will let you know if you may advertise it in this community. Otherwise, the post will be removed. Know now that I will not approve any rating communities based on physical appearance.

6. No making anonamous replies to posts. If you’ve got something to say to someone on their post, you’ve godda put your name on it.

7. Have fun!

I can’t be everywhere at once and I doubt I will be able to read every single reply to every single post. If you have a problem, please e-mail me at LittleDiva(at)softhome(dot)net. Please forgive the anti spam precautions. :- )

Also, except for certain extreme cases, you will be notified privately and warned before any is action is taken if you are in violation of any rules.

A request: This is not a rule, but something I would like you to do. I will not check for this, nor will I remove you if you don’t: When you join this group, please take a moment and make mention of it in your personal journal. A simple “P.S. I joined this group today, it looks cool” and a link to us will suffice. :- ) It would be greatly appreciated.

The moderator of this community is darlingfreak

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